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Noise Control Technology

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we are now booking enclosures, rooms, and booth orders for winter 2024
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Products at a Glance

Medical & Audiological Rooms

medical and audiological rooms built with acoustic dampening materials to achieve a noise excluding space for controlled audiological measurements

Single Wall Audiometric Room from TRA Acoustics Ltd. A soundproof room for hearing testing, speech therapy, and more

Industrial & Environmental Enclosures 

customized solutions to reach your desired noise  reduction and increase worker safety

protect workers from the noise levels produced from  various machinery, while simultaneously protecting  workers from the machine itself

Industrial Acoustic Enclosure - Reduce unwanted and dangerous noise levels with our custom sound enclosure

Research & Development 

our systems are commonly used within research and  development departments of universities, colleges, and  hospitals for a wide range of applications where  accurate measurement is required 

Acoustic Mini Chamber - Soundproof chamber typically used in research and development

Architectural & Acoustic Panels 

sleek sound-absorption panels that promote a healthy environment by controlling unwanted noise and reverberation to improve the audio sound quality within your space

Wave Pattern Acoustic Metal Panels - Reduce unwanted noise in your space by applying treatment to your walls and/or ceiling
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