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Noise Control Technology

enclosures for various applications
modular assembly for ease of shipping and installation
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simple modular design

endless colored finishes

shipping & installation available worldwide

endless customization abilities

What We Offer

Clinical Enclosures

sterile suites tailored to your specific requirements

a full stainless steel interior makes these rooms both antibacterial and sleek 

Industrial Enclosures

customized solutions to reach your desired noise reduction and increase worker safety -from equipment enclosures to lit and functioning rooms - for fabrication/manufacturing or any other noise producing works

Environmental Enclosures

reduce your environmental impact by enclosing your exterior fans, generators, or other equipment

your community will thank you

Soft Walls

control reverberations in your environment and improve audio quality

locations such as;
• pools
• schools
• gyms
• restaurants
• conference rooms/board rooms
• halls
• theatres & studios
• and many others

Acoustic Panels

sleek sound-absorption panels typically installed on the ceiling or walls - you can
choose to showcase these panels as an architectural element, or simply have them blend into the background while silently quieting your environment


Connecting Dots

What makes us different?

Modular Assembly Design

Modular for easy assembly / disassembly

Cam-Lock Assembly

Cam-Lock assembly

our simplistic design allows assembly to be streamlined and effortless

High Quality Craftsmanship

High quality craftsmanship 

our sleek and simple design allows us to focus on producing products that are both aesthetic and effective

cam-locks fasten each panel together for quick, efficient, and simple construction

Full Custom Metal Fabrcation Abilities

Full custom metal
fabrication abilities

our sister company DKS Design Inc is a fully equipped custom metal fabrication shop making endless customizations possible